1. What is radon? 2. I really need to be concerned with? 3. What is it about radon that makes it harmful? 4. What elements of the environment contain radon? 5. How does radon move around? 6. What is the most accurate way to measure radon levels? 7. Is it a good idea to do both short and long-term tests? Possibly. If you have reason to suspect that you might have extremely high radon or if you just can't wait a year for the results, then take a short-term test and start a long-term test alongside. A year-long test in a living space where you spend a lot of time would be the most efficient and effective way for the first assessment of the radon hazard in your home.

Jade Valley® strives to improve the health and quality of life of our community through delicious, organically grown produce; education and outreach; and community activism. Jade Valley was founded in 1992, when longtime local residents and Anna and Will Chandler bought a family farm, northwest of Harmony. Frustrated with the quality of produce sold at the grocery chains and the limited options for healthy eating, Anna and Will embarked on an experiment to provide nutritious, environmentally sustainable, and delicious foods.

Jade Valley honey, Our pure honey comes from the lush forests and countryside of New Zealand and is crafted to the highest standards. We invite you to discover our treasured range.


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